NPM No. 041-2017

Requesting Entity: Ms. Salome S. Diel

Issues Concern: List of Contractor’s Major Equipment Units, which are Owned, Leased and/or under Purchase Agreements



Whether a bidder may be disqualified for its failure to submit SF-INFR-49 or the List of Equipment Owned or Leased and/or under Purchase Agreement to be Pledged to the Proposed Contract.

[T]he failure of the bidder to submit the SF-INFR-49 Form as prescribed by the Procuring Entity does not necessarily disqualify the bidder from the bidding process. Please be advised that although the Procuring Entity may customize its Procurement Manual and standard forms, the same should be approved by the GPPB under Section 6.2 of the revised 2016 IRR, so that its non-use may be a ground for the disqualification of the bidder. Absence such issuance or approval from the GPPB, the bidder may submit the list in accordance with Section 25.2(6)(viii)(3). Accordingly, as long as the list submitted by the bidder contains all the information provided under Section 25.2(b)(viii)(3) of the 2016 IRR of RA 9184, the same is compliant with the requirements as prescribed under the rules.