NPM No. 036-2017

Requesting Entity: Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)

Issues Concern: Status of Blacklisted Entity



Whether or not PSA may continue its contract with Ascott Pacific Consultants, Inc., notwithstanding the latter’s inclusion in the GPPB’s list of blacklisted suppliers.

[T]he dates of the Notice of Award and the Blacklisting Order should be determined by PSA in order to identify which scenario should be considered and what rule is applicable. If it is determined that the Blacklisting Order was issued after the Notice of Award and contract execution, the PSA may continue with the contract, but must identify whether the offense/s committed by Ascott Pacific Consultants, Inc. is/are connected with their current contract with PSA. If it is connected with the current contract, PSA cannot continue to implement the same in accordance with Item 7 of the Uniform Guidelines for Blacklisting.