NPM No. 033-2017

Requesting Entity: Mr. Kit Lopez

Issues Concern: Completeness of Purchase Order



Whether the Purchase Order (PO) issued by Northern Luzon Polytechnic State University (NLPSU) is a valid PO since it does not indicate the Scope of Work, and has no details on the specific quantities of materials to be used.

Jurisprudence provides that a PO, by itself, is an offer to buy, and a meeting of minds thereon “takes place when the vendor receive[s] the PO, agree[s] to its terms and act[s] upon it.”1 Thus, it must be emphasized that the PO must be clear as to the desired requirements found in the Bidding Documents, such that it should provide for the scope of work; bill of materials or bill of quantities; and, terms of payment as required in the Bidding Documents, so that it is complete.