NPM No. 029-2017

Requesting Entity: Procurement Department Land Bank of the Philippines

Issues Concern: PhilGEPS Certificate of Registration and Membership



Inquiry on the validity of the submission of a Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS) Certificate of Registration (Platinum Membership) together with a copy of the valid and updated documents, which are already expired in the said Certificate.

We wish to clarify that as stated in GPPB Circular No. 03-2016, which deferred the implementation of the mandatory submission of PhilGEPS Certificate of Registration until 30 April 2017, bidders have the option whether to submit its PhilGEPS Platinum Certificate or to submit the specified Class “A” Eligibility Documents manually.

For this reason, to serve the purpose of the Circular, we are of the view that a combination of the foregoing may be allowed for submission.

Thus, in cases where the advertisements or invitations for bids were issued prior to 1 May 2017, Procuring Entities may still allow bidders to submit either their Class “A” Documents or the PhilGEPS Certificate of Registration under Platinum Category, or a combination thereof . . .