NPM No. 020-2017

Requesting Entity: Department of Health – Regional Office XI (DOH-RO XI)

Issues Concern: Negotiated Procurement (Agency-to-Agency)



What documents are required for Negotiated Procurement (Agency-to-Agency) under Section 53.5 of the 2016 revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act (RA) No. 9184?

[R]esort to Negotiated Procurement (Agency-to-Agency) requires the following documents, to wit:

   (1) The justification of the End-User that the resort to Agency-to-Agency is more efficient and economical to the government;

   (2) A certificate from the relevant officer of the Servicing Agency that the latter complies with all the conditions set forth in Section V(D)(5)(b) of Annex “H” of the 2016 IRR;

   (3) BAC Resolution recommending the use of Agency-to-Agency Agreement to the HoPE; and

   (4) MOA between the Servicing Agency and the Procuring Entity.