NPM No. 017-2017

Requesting Entity: Department of Trade and Industry

Issues Concern: PhilGEPS Posting for Consulting Services



Whether Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS) posting is compulsory for Consulting Services with an Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) of less than Fifty Thousand Pesos (50,000.00).

PhilGEPS posting is mandatory for procurement through Competitive Bidding. Similarly, “posting of procurement opportunities” at the PhilGEPS is required for procurement undertaken through Limited Source Bidding, Shopping for ordinary office supplies and equipment not available in DBM-PS for ABC above Fifty Thousand Pesos (50,000.00), Two Failed Biddings, Small Value Procurement for ABC above Fifty Thousand Pesos (50,000.00), and NGO Participation. Meanwhile, PhilGEPS posting of the notice of award, contract or purchase order, including notice to proceed (if necessary), is compulsory in all instances of alternative methods of procurement, except for contracts with ABC of Fifty Thousand Pesos (50,000.00) and below.

Corollarily, and to address the query posted, PhilGEPS posting is required if procurement of consulting services with an ABC of less than 50,000 is undertaken through Competitive Bidding, Limited Source Bidding, Two Failed Biddings, or through NGO Participation.