NPM No. 013-2017

Requesting Entity: Astrid Consultants, Inc.

Issues Concern: Statement of All Ongoing Contracts; Net Financial Contracting Capacity; Committed Line of Credit



Whether the submission of a Statement of all ongoing government and private contracts is still necessary when a bidder opts to submit a committed Line of Credit to support its financial eligibility in lieu of the Net Financial Contracting Capacity (NFCC).

The required submission of NFCC computation OR committed Line of Credit is for the purpose of establishing the bidder’s liquidity, its capacity to absorb the additional obligations in connection with the contract submitted for bids, and to finance its implementation or completion. Compliance with this eligibility requirement is done in the alternative, such that submission of either the NFCC OR the committed Line of Credit is acceptable for purposes of determining a bidder’s financial eligibility.


[W]e wish to stress that whether the bidder submitted a computation of NFCC or committed Line of Credit, the submission of the Statement of all ongoing government and private contracts, including those awarded but not yet started, similar or not in nature and complexity to the contract to be bid, is still required as part of the technical eligibility requirement. Moreover, the Procuring Entity shall check the performance of the bidder, during the post-qualification stage, in all of its ongoing contracts identified in the said Statement to prove compliance with the technical requirements of the procurement project.