NPM No. 004-2017

Requesting Entity: Office of the City Mayor Bacolod City

Issues Concern: Earliest Possible Time for Procurement Activities



Clarification on the periods for procurement activities undertaken by the City of Bacolod, subject of review by the incumbent local administration, particularly the periods for procurement activities not in accordance with RA 9184 and its revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR), such that the pre-bid conference was held less than seven (7) days from the posting of the invitation to bid in the PhilGEPS website and the total procurement period is less than twenty (20) calendar days.

Based on the table for the earliest possible time in Annex "C", and considering the details of the Project vis-a-vis the relevant provisions of the IRR, the earliest possible time to complete an entire procurement process from the advertisement/posting of Invitation to Bid (IB) or Request for Expression of Interest up to Issuance of Notice to Proceed is twenty-eight (28) calendar days for goods and infrastructure project, and thirty-four (34) calendar days for consulting services. This is based on the premise that the pre-bid conference is conducted on the day after the last day of posting of the IB, which must be “posted continuously in the PhilGEPS website, the website of the procuring entity concerned, if available, for seven (7) calendar days starting on the date of advertisement”.1

The rules allow Procuring Entities to adopt a shorter period provided for under the IRR relative to its procurement activity. However, in setting the timelines, the Procuring Entity should take into consideration the details of the project, the relevant provision of the revised IRR of RA 9184, and should ensure that competition, fairness, and transparency are well observed in its procurement process.