NPM No. 094-2017

Requesting Entity: Maida Jill Mendez

Issues Concern: Discrepancy in the Summary of Detailed Cost Estimates



Whether the Procuring Entity can issue a Bid Bulletin for a missing item in the Bill of Quantities of the Bidding Documents that were already published

   [C]larifications, modifications, changes or amendments to the Bidding Documents must be reflected through the issuance of the corresponding Supplemental/Bid Bulletin, and posted in the websites of the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS) and the concerned Procuring Entity (PE). This is important to inform the prospective bidders of the revised requirements, if any, and to afford them the opportunity to comply with these additional requirements. Consequently, if no Supplemental/Bid Bulletin is issued to reflect changes in the Bidding Documents, or even if the same was issued but not posted at the PhilGEPS` and PE`s websites, the original provisions contained in the Bidding Documents remain and the prospective bidder, including the winning bidder cannot be compelled to abide or comply with the changes made by the PE.