NPM No. 091-2017

Requesting Entity: Human Resource Unit Department of Labor and Employment-National Capital Region

Issues Concern: Non-Inclusion of Supplemental Bid/Bulletin in the Bid Submission



Whether the bidder may be declared disqualified because of its failure to include the copy of the Supplemental Bid/Bulletin in its submitted bid, although it was able to comply with the documents required under the said Supplemental/Bid Bulletin

   Failure of the bidder to include in its bid the actual copy of the Supplemental/Bid Bulletin is not a ground for disqualification. A Supplemental/Bid bulletin is not a Class “A” or “B” eligibility document provided for under the 2016 revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act (RA) No. 9184, the Government Procurement Reform Act, or part of the technical and financial components of the bids, particularly Section 25.1.

   [T]here is no legal basis under RA 9184, its 2016 IRR and the standardized Philippine Bidding Documents for the Procurement of Goods that requires bidders to attach the copy of the Supplemental/Bid bulletin in its bid submission.