NPM No. 127-2016

Requesting Entity: West Visayas State University Medical Center-Supply Office

Issues Concern: Alternative Methods of Procurement



Whether the item left in your bidding with an Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) of Fifteen Thousand Pesos (P15,000) may be procured through an alternative modality even if there has been no second failure of bidding yet for reason of practicality.

[T]he remaining items that were not successfully procured through competitive bidding may be procured through another competitive bidding or through other alternative modalities, such as Shopping (Section 52) or Small Value Procurement (Section 53.9), which are used particularly for small procurements or those procurement falling within the prescribed threshold, as long as all the conditions and procedures prescribed therefor are complied with.

Nonetheless, we reiterate that it is the procuring entity that has the sole authority and is in the best position to determine the appropriate method of procurement for a specific project based on its identified needs and requirements and the attendant circumstances. It bears stressing, however, that Section 10 of RA 9184 and its revised IRR mandates that all procurement shall be done through Competitive Bidding, except for highly exceptional cases where alternative methods of procurement provided in Sections 49 to 53 of RA 9184 and its IRR may be resorted to.