NPM No. 087-2016

Requesting Entity: Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) Department of Justice (DOJ)

Issues Concern: Procurement of Catering Services



Whether the procurement of catering services for the food subsistence of inmates is a procurement of expendable or non-expendable goods.


[I]n this particular case, we are of the opinion that the procurement of catering services does not fall as neither an expendable nor a non-expendable goods, but as a non-personal or contractual service. As mentioned in your letter and Usec. Baraan`s memorandum, BuCor has no participation whatsoever with the bidder`s purchase of raw materials, food preparation, hiring of personnel, etc. and all non-expendable and semi-expendable supplies remain the property of the caterer and does not add up to the assets of the BuCor. Apparently, tangible goods, whether expendable or non-expendable, are not the subject of procurement in this case, but the services of the caterer which include the provision of meals.