NPM No. 053-2016

Requesting Entity: Cebu Port Authority (CPA)

Issues Concern: Adjacent or Contiguous Negotiated Procurement Modality



GPPB Approval to Resort to Alternative Method of Procurement


GPPB approval is not necessary whenever a PE undertakes procurement through Competitive Bidding, regardless of the ABC, or where the ABC is less than 500 Million Pesos in case of any alternative method of procurement,. In such cases, the determination of the appropriate procurement method to be used for a particular project rests within the sole authority and accountability of the HOPE as the approving authority, and the BAC, as the recommendatory body.


Methods of Procurement


A PE may only resort to Negotiated Procurement Adjacent or Contiguous modality under Section 53.4 of the 2016 Revised IRR of RA 9184 if it has determined that all the conditions warranting its use, as further clarified in the Consolidated Guidelines for the Alternative Methods of Procurement, are present. Otherwise, the PE shall undertake its procurement through Competitive Bidding or any other appropriate alternative method of procurement. As regards negative slippage/delay, the contractor shall have no negative slippage/delay in the original contract at the time of the negotiation.