NPM No. 140-2016

Requesting Entity: Bureau of Customs (BOC)

Issues Concern: Multi-Year Obligational Authority



Whether it is necessary for the BOC to secure, prior to the bidding, a Multi-Year Obligational Authority (MYOA) for one of your procurement projects that has a contract duration of one (1) year commencing on November 2016 until October 2017 and for which, the funding shall be sourced from the existing/current year budget (2016 General Appropriations Act (GAA)


[F]or projects with sufficient funding that would be sourced from an existing appropriation and not requiring multi-year appropriations, it is no longer necessary to secure a MYOA from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) prior to the bidding of the project. This notwithstanding, we refer you the DBM, as the agency that issued the Updated Guidelines for Issuance of MYOA for a more authoritative clarification on the matter.