NPM No. 076-2016

Requesting Entity: Sultan Kudarat Water District (SKWD)

Issues Concern: Role of Observers



Whether it is necessary for the procuring entity to provide procurement observers with a copy of the bidding documents and entertain their questions/opinions/comments during the procurement activities


[T]o maintain transparency and integrity, Observers may take an active part during the bidding process by raising valid, reasonable and relevant questions based on the documents provided by the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) and its observations in relation to the procurement law and associated rules. The Observer should also prepare a Report on its observations during the procurement activities conducted by the BAC, it is for this reason that procuring entities provide observers access to documents and entertain their questions. The BAC however, having full authority over the conduct of the procurement activities, is not prohibited from instituting order in its proceedings, and to regulate the manner and method of entertaining questions from the Observers, taking into consideration the principles of transparency, accountability and efficiency.