NPM No. 066-2016

Requesting Entity: Home Development Mutual Fund (PAG-IBIG)

Issues Concern: Lease of Privately-Owned Real Estate



1. Whether or not the agency can indicate in the Technical Specifications that it is in need of an area that is adjacent to its existing office area


[T]he law authorizes procuring entities to prepare and craft detailed technical specifications in their bidding documents; and it is incumbent upon them to show that the specifications or conditions set forth are based on relevant characteristics and/or performance requirements.


2. The method of procurement to be adopted by the agency for this project.


[C]ontracts for lease of real property, such as venue, may be procured by way of negotiated procurement under the revised Implementing Rules and Regulations without need of prior resort to public bidding, subject to the rules and procedures established in the Guidelines for Lease of Privately-Owned Real Estate and Venue.