NPM No. 085-2015

Requesting Entity: Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP)

Issues Concern: Withdrawal of Bids; Arithmetical Correction



Arithmetical Corrections

For transparency purposes, any arithmetical corrections shall be communicated in writing to the concerned bidder for confirmation. If the bidder fails to accept the arithmetical corrections per the computation made by the BAC, the bidder will be disqualified and its bid security forfeited.

Withdrawal of Bids; Sanctions

The revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act (RA) No. 9184 states that the withdrawal of bids after the applicable deadline shall be subject to appropriate sanctions. Other than forfeiture of bid security, the bidder who withdraws a bid may also be imposed the administrative penalty of suspension from participating in the public bidding process as swell as disqualification from further participating in the public bidding being undertaken by the procuring entity concerned.

Effect of Withdrawal

In case of withdrawal, the bidder shall no longer be allowed to submit another bid for the same contract directly or indirectly. The term "same contract" refers to the same on-going procurement activity in which he withdrew his participation; it does not refer to the new procurement activities undertaken as a result of declaration of failure of previous bidding for the same subject matter of procurement.

In recognition of the principle of competitiveness, a bidder in the first failed bidding may participate in the succeeding procurement activities whether it is another competitive bidding or other method of procurement, unless such bidder has been imposed the administrative sanction of disqualification which prevents him from further participating in the bidding.