NPM No. 103-2015

Requesting Entity: Philippine Science High School - CAR Campus

Issues Concern: Acceptability of an expired PCAB License



Whether government agencies may accept recently expired PCAB license attached with an Official Receipt for renewal, as one of the Class "A" eligibility documents.

GPPB Resolution No. 02-2015 applies only to Mayor's Permit, as one of the Class "A" legal eligibility documents, which allows the submission of the bidder's recently expired Mayor's Permit and the Official Receipt as proof that the bidder has applied for renewal of the permit within the prescribed period x x x.

[T]he PCAB license is not within the coverage of GPPB Resolution No. 02-2015. Moreover, we would like to reiterate that a valid PCAB license, required as an eligibility requirement for the procurement of infrastructure projects under Section 23.1(a)(iv) of the revised IRR of RA 9184, should be valid at the time of the deadline for the submission and opening of bids.