NPM No. 099-2015

Requesting Entity: Annex Digital, Incorporated (ADI)

Issues Concern: Sealing and Marking of Bids



Whether absence of bidder's signature on the bid envelopes is a ground for disqualification.

Clause 20.3 of the ITB for the Procurement of Goods provides that the original and copies of the envelopes containing the technical and financial components of the bid shall be signed by the bidder.

[A] Procuring Entity (PE) may require that all envelopes including the outermost envelope to be duly signed in the sealed overlaps or flaps by the bidder or duly authorized representative in order to maintain the integrity of the documents, provided that this requirement is explicitly and clearly indicated in the PE's Bidding Documents. Failure to comply with an explicit requirement in the PE's Bidding Documents is a ground for disqualification.