NPM No. 178-2015

Requesting Entity: Ms. Grace Cadsiwing

Issues Concern: Business Permit Address



Address indicated in the bidder's mayor's/business permit is different from the address in all bid documents submitted by the bidder

[T]he BAC shall verify, validate and ascertain whether the address indicated in the mayor's/business permit is indeed the principal place of business of the bidder in compliance with the eligibility requirements under Section 23(1)(a)(ii) of the revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 9184. If so, the discrepancy between the business address on the mayor's/business permit and the address appearing in the bid documents is of no moment for purposes of eligibility, for there could be a situation where a bidder is also holding another office somewhere else, or in a different locality apart from that official place of business appearing in the Mayor's Permit. However, if upon verification, no such principal place of business exists, this occasion is tantamount to non-compliance with the eligibility requirement due to the bidder's non-submission of a Class "A" document.