NPM No. 160-2015

Requesting Entity: National Maritime Polytechnic

Issues Concern: Statement of Ongoing and Completed Government and Private Contracts



Whether there has been any revision on the statement of the prospective bidder of all its ongoing government and private contracts in relation to your procurement of security services

Since the effectivity of RA 9814 and its associated IRR, the GPPB has adopted several procurement policies, which includes the amendment of Section 23.1(a)(iii) of the IRR of RA 9184 through GPPB Resolution No. 29-2012 issued on 23 November 2012.

Subsequently, the GPPB, through GPPB Resolution No. 16-2014 dated 20 June 2014.

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[T]he following are the latest amendments effected anent the statement of all ongoing government and private contracts concerning the procurement of security services:

1. Distinction between the statement of all ongoing government and private contracts from the statement identifying the single largest completed contract; and

2. Deletion of the ten (10) year period for the completed similar contract and the phrase "within the relevant period as provided in the Bidding Documents."