NPM No. 118-2015

Requesting Entity: PPG Construction Corporation

Issues Concern: Format and Signing of Bids



Whether bidders are required to affix both their full or long signature and their initials in each and every page of the bid

A cursory reading of Clause 19.4 of the PBD reveals that two requirements must be complied with by the authorized representative/s of the bidder for the signing of bids, thus: (1) the bid, except for unamended printed literature, shall be signed; and (2) each and every page of the bid shall be initialed.

While affixing both the signature and the initial of the bidder does not affect the offer, it does not also add value as the initials can already substitute the supposedly required signature, thereby precluding redundancy in necessitating both the signatures and initials to be affixed in each and every page of the bid.

[T]he bidder's signature appearing on the Bid Form and his initial affixed on each and every page of the bid, except those pages that already bears the signature of the bidder, and those unamended printed literature, constitutes compliance with the requirements under Clause 19.4 of the PBD.