NPM No. 092-2015

Requesting Entity: Southern Tagalog Integrated Agricultural Research Center Department of Agriculture, RFO IV-A

Issues Concern: Transfer of Procurement between BACs



Whether it is allowed and acceptable for one Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) to transfer its procurement and funding to another set of BAC of the same office

[T]he creation of several BACs and its corresponding procurement assignments is dependent upon the determination of the Head of the Procuring Entity (HOPE), as it is in charge of the whole procuring entity in terms of its overall supervision and management. Hence, the validity of the transfer of a procurement activity from one BAC of the Department, Bureau or Office to another BAC of the said Department, Bureau or Office, including the transfer of funds, depends upon the power or authority vested upon the HOPE either by law, executive issuances, guidelines, rules and regulations in order to efficiently, expediently and economically manage the procurement activities of the procuring entity.