NPM No. 073-2015

Requesting Entity: Department of Health (DOH)

Issues Concern: Direct Contracting



Whether a contract may be awarded to a supplier who only submitted a Price Quotation and the Omnibus Sworn Statement when the mode of procurement is Direct Contracting and the Procuring Entity required the submission of seven (7) documents.

Direct Contracting or Single Source Procurement is a method of procurement of goods that does not require elaborate Bidding Documents. The supplier is simply asked to submit a price quotation or a pro-forma invoice together with the conditions of sale. xxx. If at all, the requirements enumerated by the procuring entity are supporting documents to justify Direct Contracting as the proper mode of procurement and to prove that the supplier has the capacity to deliver the goods. However, since these documents were already required by the procuring entity, the procuring entity has to impose compliance as regards their submission.