NPM No. 069-2015

Requesting Entity: Commission on Human Rights (CHR) - Information Systems Management Office (ISMO)

Issues Concern: Small Value Procurement



Guidelines to be used in case only one (1) supplier submitted a quotation, even after the deadline for submission of quotation has been extended, for a procurement project undertaken through Small Value Procurement (SVP) in accordance with Section 53.9 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act (RA) No. 9184.

[I]n SVP, it is mandatory to send the Request for Quotation to at least three (3) prospective bidders/proponents and invite them to submit proposals; but it is not necessary to actually receive 3 quotations on the day of the deadline for submission of quotations. It is enough that the procuring entity receives at least one (1) bid/proposal on the day of the deadline for submission of quotations. Thus, if the lone proposal already complies with the technical, legal and financial requirements of the procuring entity, the contract can be awarded to the lone offeror, without the necessity of waiting for two (2) more quotations. After all, the rules provide that "[t]he procuring entity shall draw up a list of at least three (3) suppliers, contractors, or consultants of known qualifications which will be invited to submit proposals."