NPM No. 063-2015

Requesting Entity: Butuan City Water District

Issues Concern: Detailed Engineering for Infrastructure Projects



Whether the detailed engineering design requirements for the renovation of the Procuring Entity's (PE) building should be prepared by the Contractor or by the PE.

Based on Section 17.6 of the revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 9184, as a general rule, detailed engineering investigations, surveys and designs are performed and conducted by the Procuring Entity or its duly authorized representative. Thus, the Procuring Entity is mandated to complete the detailed engineering investigations, surveys and designs prior to the conduct of the bidding.

The same provision provides for the exception to this rule, that is, when the project involves a "design and build" scheme where bidders are expected to provide the design of the infrastructure project and construct the same. In this situation, the responsibility of developing the detailed engineering requirements, including the construction are transferred to and lodged with one bidder or contractor.