NPM 113-2014

Requesting Entity: National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)

Issues Concern: Concurrent Membership in the BAC Secretariat and Technical Working Group (TWG) and Acceptance



Whether the Head of the BAC Secretariat can concurrently hold or be designated as the Head of the Technical Working Group (TWG) and vice versa.

Although there is no express prohibition on the concurrent membership in the BAC Secretariat and TWG, it is recommended that the propriety in the designation of members in both the BAC Secretariat and TWG, including the designation of the respective heads be carefully studied and determined by the Procuring Entity as to its necessity, and practicality relative to procurement proficiency and efficiency, taking into consideration the exclusive and dedicated functions, duties and responsibilities of the BAC Secretariat and the TWG, not to mention the technical, financial, and/or legal expertise of the respective TWG members, giving due regard to efficient and expeditious conduct of procurement without sacrificing independent, dedicated and focused work execution by both the BAC Secretariat and TWG members.