NPM 097-2014

Requesting Entity: Provincial Government of Palawan

Issues Concern: Small Value Procurement (SVP) under 53.9.1 of the IRR



Whether it is necessary to obtain at least three (3) quotations for SVP under 53.9.1 of the IRR.

[I]n procurement activities conducted through SVP, award of contract may be made even if only one supplier submitted a quotation/proposal, provided that the procuring entity invited at least three (3) suppliers to submit quotations, and provided further that the submission complies with the specifications and terms and conditions required by the procuring entity.

While Section 3(f) of the Guidelines for Shopping and Small Value Procurement (Guidelines) specifically provides that "for Shopping under Section 52.1(b), at least three (3) price quotations must be obtained," the Guidelines does not impose the same requirement in procurement through SVP under Section 53.9 of the IRR of RA 9184 or even in procurement though Shopping under Section 52.1(a) of the IR of RA 9184 relative to unforeseen contingency.