NPM 127-2014

Requesting Entity: Ms. Edcel Nacion

Issues Concern: Shopping and Request for Quotation



In Shopping, whether the requirement for three (3) quotations is met when only one supplier offered a price while the other two suppliers indicated "NONE" in compliance with the Request for Quotation (RFQ) and the Guidelines for Shopping and Small Value Procurement (Guidelines).

[W]hen the procurement method is Shopping under Section 52.1(b) of the revised IRR (common-use supply and equipment not available in the Procurement Service), the procuring entity is required to obtain at least three (3) quotations. Thus, when the number of quotations obtained is less than three (3), the procuring entity should extend the deadline for the submission of quotations until it has obtained at least three (3) quotations. Failure to comply with this requirement renders the procurement invalid, and the responsible officials are accountable for non-compliance with relevant rules and regulations. A response of "NONE" in the canvass is not considered a price quotation for purposes of the Guidelines. Award of contract shall then be made to the lowest quotation which complies with the specifications and other terms and conditions stated in the RFQ.

Shopping under Section 52.1(a) (unforeseen contingency), where it is not necessary to obtain at least three (3) quotations, contract award may be made to the lone supplier that submitted its quotation subject to compliance with the specifications and terms and conditions stated in the RFQ.

Who approves the RFQ?

[A]s with any type of procurement, including alternative modes of procurement such as Shopping, the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) has the power to conduct the bidding activities. Nonetheless, the Guidelines provides that after the decision to resort to Shopping has been made, the BAC may validly delegate the authority to a unit within the agency to handle shopping and small value procurement. [O]nly those powers specifically delegated by the BAC may be exercised by the identified unit. It is also worth mentioning that the powers delegated by the BAC do not include the power to award the procurement contract as this is vested with the Head of the Procuring Entity (HOPE). The HOPE may however, delegate this power to an approving authority.

Whether there is a standard form for the RFQ

[T]here is no prescribed template or standard form for the RFQ. Nonetheless, even without the prescribed template, the RFQ must indicate the specification, quantity, ABC, and other terms and conditions of the item to be procured pursuant to Section 3(a) of the Guidelines. In addition, Section 3(b) of the Guidelines provides that RFQ must prescribe the manner by which price quotations shall be submitted.