NPM 131-2014

Requesting Entity: Philippine Mining Development Corporation (PMDC)

Issues Concern: Abstract of Canvass; Small Value Procurement or Shopping



Whether BAC Resolutions are necessary for procurements conducted through Small Value Procurement and Shopping, aside from the preparation and issuance of Abstracts of Canvass that are signed by the Chairman and Members of PMDC-BAC.

[T]he Abstract of Quotations does not necessarily include the BAC"s recommendation to the HOPE relative to the award of contract. Such BAC recommendation is properly made through the issuance of a BAC Resolution. Nonetheless, the Guidelines does not prohibit nor proscribe the procuring entity from including in the Abstract of Quotations the BAC"s recommendation for award of contract in order to promote efficiency in the conduct of Shopping or Small Value Procurement. Such recommendation contained in the Abstract of Quotations must be duly signed by the members of the BAC or its duly authorized or delegated unit.