NPM 034-2014

Requesting Entity: Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone Authority (Zamboanga SEZA)

Issues Concern: Statement of all ongoing contracts



Whether a bidder may be disqualified for failure to include any ongoing projects in the Statement of all ongoing government and private contracts.

In GPPB Resolution No. 29-2012, the Board resolved to interpret that failure to include an immaterial ongoing contract or failure to disclose complete information in the statement of contracts shall result in the following:

a. Disqualification of the bidder for non-compliance with the eligibility requirement under Section 23.1 or 24.1 of the revised IRR. b. Blacklisting under Section 65.3(a) or (b) of the revised IRR.

Accordingly, the Statement of all ongoing contracts should include all ongoing contracts, without qualification, including awarded but not yet started, whether similar or not in nature and complexity to the contract to be bid.