NPM 002-2014

Requesting Entity: National Power Corporation (NPC)

Issues Concern: Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) Composition



Whether a Sr. Department Manager, a fourth ranking permanent official of NPC, can be classified as third ranking permanent official and designated as BAC Chairman based on the decision of the NPC Management not to fill-up the Sr. Vice President position, the second ranking permanent position.

[I]t is the plantilla of the agency that will define whether the position qualifies for regular BAC membership, and the determination of ranking should take into consideration the hierarchy of the plantilla positions present in the PE and not whether an official has been appointed/designated/seconded and currently assumed or occupied the identified plantilla position.

[T]he absence of a personnel occupying the position of Sr. Vice President (second ranking), does not make the plantilla positions for the Sr. Department Manager (fourth ranking) a third ranking plantilla position. As long as the entire organizational structure of NPC has the Sr. vice President position in the plantilla, the Sr. Department Manager position remains a fourth ranking plantilla position, for which reason the Sr. Department Manager cannot be designated as BAC Chairman.