GPPB-TSO Partners with UNODC

As the government sector transitions to work from home and transform its workstations digitally, the Government Procurement Policy Board – Technical Support Office (GPPB-TSO) wanted to leverage this digital transformation and accelerate its efforts towards the full automation in the preparation, submission, and evaluation of procurement reports. The GPPB-TSO envisioned an online system where more than 185,000 procuring entities (PEs) across the Philippines can easily monitor all of their procurement projects and for the GPPB-TSO to be able to access and mine all these information real-time and generate agency level procurement reports. This way, the GPPB-TSO will be able to analyze patterns and trends that may defeat competition or circumvent procurement rules, spot common red flags, but more importantly identify best practices across various types and levels of PEs in the Philippines. These reports will likewise be the GPPB-TSO's building blocks in the formulation of procurement policies, development of procurement manuals, and serve as the blueprint for recommendations in improving the procurement legal framework.